Insider's guide to the perfect Marrickville weekend. 

Felicity Keep, Lazybones bartender by night, and creative entrepreneur by day, put down roots in Marrickville a year ago and has finally found the place that she and her husband (and dog) could call home. 

Felicity takes us on a tour of Marrickville, sharing the best places to listen to music, socialise and grab a late night bite. 


Love Lazybones

A night out in Marrickville isn't complete without catching a live band at Lazybones Lounge. With 15 bands playing seven days a week, a new menu and a DJ to keep people dancing until 3am Thursday to Saturday, it's no wonder this Marrickville institution is a favourite amongst locals and a top destination for live music lovers from all over Sydney. 


Love Marrickville nightlife

For a night of bar-hopping, Felicity suggests cocktails at Titus Jones, a game of pool and a tasty plate of Chicken & Sons at the Marrickville Ritz, and then on to Lazybones where the vibe of a New Orleans jazz bar will feed the soul. 


Love local eats

Open 7 days a week from 6:45am, there's always a chance to grab a bite from the famous Marrickville Pork Roll, who have earned a cult following from their banh mi. 


Love textiles

Jack Textiles is Felicity's go-to day time haunt where she can choose from rows and rows of gorgeous fabrics to create the fun and colourful pot plants she sells online through Plantgirl. Click here to view the range.