Shelf Life: Leaf Supply

Turn over a new leaf at Marrick & Co 

At Marrick & Co our designers have thought about all the little details that will help you personalise your home. Like metal and ply shelving to show off your much-loved treasures, adding personality to your home. We've invited some of the best creative people from the Inner West to decorate the shelves in our Marrick & Co Sales Suite and share tips on how to beautify your home. 

 First off the shelf is Sophia Kaplan who runs her on-line plant business, Leaf Supply, out of a studio warehouse in Summer Hill. It's the perfect place for Sophia and her business partners Lauren Camilleri and Ariella Werner-Seidler to care for and curate their selection of plants for delivery to customers. 



Coping with winter 

There's less sunlight in winter so it's a good idea to move your plants closer to a window. Some plants will go into a dormant state until spring and generally you can cut back the watering to once a week, depending on the size of the pot. Tropical plants like a warm environment so remember to give them a regular spritz especially if you've amped up the heating. 


Keeping it natural 

Sophia likes the Nordic simplicity vibe, letting the leaves feature against simple textures like straw and bark. Woven baskets in natural tones and white backgrounds are ideal, letting the leaves speak for themselves. Here she has added bursts of colour with planters from Yevu Clothing, a socially responsible label made in Ghana. 


Styling tricks

 The trick to a well-styled shelf is playing with different heights and textures. Avoid having three identical plants lined up in a row and think about how different textures go together. For the beginner, stick with leafy green tropical plants, mixed up with varieties that hang to create a bit of drama. 


One Planet Living

As NSW's first One Planet Living Community, Mirvac has adopted lots of green initiatives at Marrick & Co with landscaping designed to increase biodiversity and tree canopym this provides lots of open green space. There's a community garden and worm farm for all to share plus provision for residents to grow vegetables and herbs on the rooftop terrace of the building, The Livingstone.